So you mean you are a woman and you don’t own one of these?
Come on Nerd! No wonder He’s bored to death having you around.
Asides making you appear more adorable, wearing sunglasses have a whole lot health benefits to eyes:

  1. They protect your eyes against the dangerous UV rays which could damage your eyes and cause cataracts. Prolonged exposure to UV rays of the sun deform certain proteins in the lens of the eyes leading to cloudy vision and ultimately cataracts. (https://freshevum.com/womens-oversized-cat-eye-sunglasses/)
  2. Sunglasses also protect your eyes from the spectrum of the sun’s ray that induce degeneration of the macula of the eyes.(click on the link below to buy your sunglasses
  3. They make vision more comfortable especially on a sunny day and protect from vision impairment
  4. Sunglasses also help the eyes accommodate much better to darkness especially when driving.
  5. that is not all: don’t you know you can make your man want you more just by being more stylish with sunglasses?
  6. It has been proved that 95% of men love women who know how to style in cool sunglasses. Don’t bore him anymore!
  7. Don’t lose your man!

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Tolu Of God
December 19, 2020

This is absolutely lovely 🥰😍

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