Research confirms the importance of movement and sensory input while learning, learning is enhanced when fidgets are introduced, as documented through case studies and a comprehensive understanding of human cognition and student learning.
One case study, conducted in a sixth grade classroom in Georgia, the positive effects of fidgets were well observed. Academically, the students showed growth in scholastic achievement when the stress balls were implemented.

Fidget toys are self-regulation tools to help with focus, attention, calming, and active listening. Fidgets come in all different shapes, sizes, and textures and are often referred to by various different names. Stress balls, tangles, and squigglets can all be used as fidget toys to promote movement and tactile input that is critical for some student’s learning.

The average writing score of students increased from 73% without stress balls to 83% with the use of stress balls. In addition, the student with a medical diagnosis of ADHD showed the most progress with an increase of 27% on a writing sample (Stalvey & Brasell, 2006.)

Fidgets are affordable, easily introduced, and appealing to all ages and genders. They can even be made in your home! I am presenting at a disability awareness fair this Saturday and am bringing materials from home to make a fidget. It is as easy as filling a balloon with flour, rice, oatmeal, or another material that your child or student takes an interest in.
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